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ReefMaster is a Windows PC application that adds a unique dimension to your fishing experience.
Now you can create high-definition, 3D underwater maps of the areas you love to fish. Combine this with ReefMaster's sonar viewer and innovative, fully-featured waypoint management system and you're one step ahead of the game.

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Underwater Mapping
• Create contour maps from sonar log files and view them in 2D and 3D.
• Fully adjustable contour intervals, with  support for metric or US units.
• Create maps in real time using NMEA 0183 data.
• Save finished maps in a wide range of formats.
• Create maps up to 400km² in size.


Sidescan Mosaic
• Compatible with Lowrance and Humminbird sidescan sonar data.
• Create large, high-resolution mosaics using data from any number of track logs.
• Fast and easy review of in-situ sidescan data.
• Export sidescan imagery in a wide range of formats, including KML super-overlays and AT5 raster format for use directly in Navico chart-plotters.


Waypoint Management
• View and edit waypoints, with drag and drop in 2D and 3D.
• Import and export waypoints in a range of formats, including native Lowrance, native Humminbird and GPX, with automatic duplicate elimination.
• Easy, graphical copying and moving of waypoints across multiple waypoint sets.
• Attach any number of notes and images to waypoints.


Multi-channel Sonar Viewer
• Market leading sonar viewer for Lowrance and Humminbird sonar logs.
• Multi-channel, split-screen display with smooth playback up to 30x.
• Adjustable brightness, contrast and colour palettes.
• Drop waypoints right in the sonar viewer.
• Real-time slant-range correction and automatic gain adjustment for side-scan.
• Measure distance and estimate object height.

 Data150  Flexible Data Import/Export
• Combine mapping data from a wide range of sources, including native Lowrance and Humminbird sonar logs, GPX files, NMEA 0183, Shapefile and CSV files.
Export maps in a range of formats, including:

• Navico AT5 for compatibility with a wide range of Lowrance devices, new and old.
• Full vector maps in Google Earth for use on tablets and smart-phones.
• ESRI Shapefile for use in a wide range of GIS applications.
• High resolution image files.
 BottomType150  Bottom Composition
• Bottom Composition module* creates hardness map overlays from Lowrance or Humminbird sonar log files.
• Full vector overlays in AT5 maps can be switched on or off in Lowrance units.
Create maps of roughness (E1) or hardness (E2), or a composite of the two.
* Bottom Composition is an optional module and is compatible with the ReefMaster PRO edition only.
 VolumesAreas150  Volumes and Areas
Volumes and Areas module* measures mapped areas and water volumes.
Measure water volumes across a configurable range of depths.
• Calculate sediment volumes using a known reference depth.
• Export measurements in CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel.
* Volumes and Areas is an optional module and is compatible with the ReefMaster PRO edition only.
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